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Please continue being the lovely person you are! You are awesome! You are amazing! You are meaningful and beautiful! We love you!

Oh God, you’re guys are going to make me cry -again- but not from sadness ;; Thank you anon, may God bless you and have a beautiful night ♥


-hugs the Janna- I love you, you're precious and a beautiful person. Recuerda que algunas estaremos para ti ¿si? Te quierecito Janna linda- smoch-

Blaircita ;; Aún falta mucho para que yo misma me considere ese tipo de persona que tú y tantas otras ven en mí, pero me saca un peso angustioso y enorme de encima el que haya gente que aún me ve bien a pesar de las veces que he repetido y dicho que no soy una buena persona (y de los errores que he cometido).

Lamento que hayas tenido que ver el berrinche que me dio en mi cuenta de rol y el de acá, pero estaba realmente mal… trataré de recordar que hay gente para mí aunque a veces me da cosa llegar y escribir algo y que nadie ya me note como antes, pero bueno…

También se te quiere, linda. Muchas gracias por el apoyo ;___; ♥


Just as long as you promise to me strong (´Д`。) be strong for all of us cause we love you ♥

As long as there’s at least one person out there that shows me that I’m not the kind of person the others make me believe I am, I have reasons to keep on going ahead, <3 I promise to be strong, and if you see me getting broken again, just come back and give me a smack.

I know there will be times that I’ll be alone, fully alone, but people comes and goes around. I know at least I won’t be fully alone my entire life, or at least what remains of it

Thank you, dear ♥ thank you, seriously.


-Different Anon- I don't mean to butt in but you a bad person???¿ You are not a bad person!! Like how the other anon said "I don't care if you self-harm, do drugs, drink a lot or even if you have murdered someone. " You are not a bad person!! Not at all!! You are funny, sweet, and amazing person!! Okay? I won't accept otherwise because I care too (;´Д`) -Love, one of your followers

As I said to the other anon, you’re so kind and your words slowly are making me feel better. ;; Thank you for trusting me and thinking I am a good person, I try to become a better person everyday, I seriously work on it but… seems like there will always be people critizicing everything I do. No matter how I improved or no matter if they see me broken and sad, people will always be there to harm others

But as long as there’s people like you anon, I can stand on my feet again

Thank you ♥ Kind words sometimes are very appreciated ♥




Don't apologise because you were born. I don't care if you self-harm, do drugs, drink a lot or even if you have murdered someone. I still care. And there are other people who feel the same way. You are a good person, ok? Ok.

People always made me believe that I was a bad person, they always were there to remember me every single day that I am a monster. For once, I decided to be sincere and honest with someone, and she ended up rejecting me, and that hurt a lot. Not to mention that all the people that I think of them as friends are not friends. When I need something from them, they just move away… -sigh-

Anon, I thank you for your kind words and the time you took to send me this message. i really appreciate it. I’ll be fine, I promise. I’ll try to be fine, I’m just a little tired to be seen as the bad person always, no matter what I do, no matter what I say. It’s tiring, but I guess I’ll get through this.

Thank you and have a good and peaceful night ♥


Pixiv ID: 7847051Member: 西村


Pixiv ID: 7847051
Member: 西村

this is so cute omg


this is so cute omg